Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bookmarks: Some other stuff off the web

Is OK Computer an album infused with the spirit of Ned Ludd? Explore Faith thinks so: What makes OK Computer such a groundbreaking album on all levels is that it’s infected with Luddism--not textile worker angst, but human and ethical alienation in the computer age. From the first track on, the album takes ironic jabs at technology by tongue-in-cheek embracing it and impersonating its sounds. (Actually, the article falls for an over-simplified view of the Luddites motivation.)

Playboy selects the ten best venues in America. Of the Mercury Lounge, it suggests "nothing is as sexy as competence", which explains why their magazine has become so dull.

Creative Review records some highlights of Peter Saville's talk at the Architectural Association: "The most enthusiastic reaction I got to any of the covers was “they don’t much mind it”. The worse was for Lowlife: when they saw it, they all said, in unison, ‘You fucking bastard’. Regret they liked because it was colourful and shiny. Bernard said ‘We might fucking sell something with this one Peter. How long has it taken?’ But they never asked me about any of them, they weren’t interested."

Timewatch and the Open University get with The Beatles: I saw the Beatles on their first tour with Gerry and the Pacemakers and the great Roy Orbison. 'See' is the operative word as I didn't hear much for all the screaming! I remained a fan throughout their carreers. As I grew up, so did their music and that is what kept their fan base

Alan McGee attempts to make himself look up-to-the-minute, ends up muttering "MySpace... Arctic Monkeys... Lily Allen" and looking like Fred Wedlock's auntie: These days, if you want me to listen to your music, don't give me a CDR, give me your MySpace address. Artists have broken through MySpace: Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys (albeit thanks to the efforts of fans, rather than the band themselves) and Enter Shikari, all with zero marketing spend. These days, if you are smart, you are your own marketing team.