Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bowie revisits the 80s

Some might suggest that the 1980s weren't David Bowie's greatest period - especially if you throw Absolute Beginners into the pot - but it's worth remembering that when he found his form in the decade, he really found his form. Ashes to Ashes, Blue Jean, China Girl. Yes, even China Girl. Admittedly, he also spent the decade bouncing through pisspoor collaborations - with Queen, with Mick Jagger (for the starving millions) and with Pat Metheney.

This is all to the good, as he's about to release a compilation of his best from 1980 - 1987. The cut off point, you'll note, is just ahead of his Tin Machine era. We're not sure if he'll find space for the dodgy duets.