Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Brits leaks

More Victoria Newton, and her full Brits nominations leaks - let's hope the organisers don't get annoyed and ban her and her paper from the event, eh? (Although the sponsorship deal would probably have saved them.)

She reckons Lily Allen is going to be up for four (Best British Female, Best British Album, Best British Single and British Breakthrough Act) but:

I just hope she doesn’t “do a CRAIG DAVID” — and come away with nothing despite having the most entries, like Craig in 2001.

This sometimes happens because a star’s total votes get split into too many categories.

What do you mean, Victoria? Surely it happens because an act is just about good enough to be nominated but really isn't that good - a split vote would happen if, say, LDN and Smile both got nominated in the Best Single category, so Lily Allen supporters would have had to choose between the two; it's not like Lily Allen can only receive a fixed number of votes across the categories.

The night sound like it's going to be something of a stuggle to get through:

CORINNE BAILEY RAE, MUSE, SNOW PATROL and JAMES MORRISON [...] will all be in line for three awards.


The biggest bright spot is Jarvis Cocker is apparently in line for Best British Male, Which is right and proper. Not that Newton thinks so:

As much as I find it puzzling to learn that Jarvis Cocker has a nomination for Best Male when he hasn’t really done much, I’m quite pleased.

Puzzling? Did you miss Cunts Are Still Running The World and the solo album, Ms Newton?

Victoria takes the opportunity to "reveal" Robbie's slim pickings for the second time in an edition:

It was wrongly reported in a rival newspaper that King Of The Brits Robbie — who has a record 15 gongs — is to be snubbed. But he will be nominated for British Live Act — alongside GEORGE MICHAEL, among others.

Erm... but when the Mirror reported the snub, it did say that Williams was going to get a token nomination in one of the lame categories. So... how exactly is that "wrongly reported" when they said exactly the same thing as you, only with a different spin?

Victoria then tries some music criticism:

And I reckon NELLY FURTADO deserves to win the International Female award for her brilliant album Loose.

It is cutting-edge, classy, and doesn’t just churn out more of the same old stuff — like BEYONCE or PINK have done. If there was a Best International Single category then it should be a fight between Nelly’s No1, Maneater, and Timberlake’s SexyBack.

Let's leave aside the picking of frontrunners in categories that don't exist, and just ponder what Newton is saying here: Furtado has junked her style in favour of a mass-market chasing R&B - sure, she does it well, but seeing what sells and then making some of that is hardly a brave move. Unlike, say, when Pink refused to follow her record company's dictates and produce a album of mass-market chasing R&B for her second album.

Still, the official list is out later today. Even though the thrill of the big reveal - and the disappointment of the detail - has been blown by one of the people supposedly supporting the event.

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