Tuesday, January 02, 2007

But did David get the Mushroom Wellington?

We hate having to stick up for Victoria Beckham, but we're not entirely sure there's any substance to the "throwing a hissy in the Toby Carvery" story.

It's quite sweet that the Beckhams went to a Toby - they're really quite nice, and they're doing the mashed potatoes at the moment - but wouldn't the story have been enough without this bit:

Builder Matthew Morgan, 23, who was dining at the pub in Ewell, Surrey, said: “We were saying how nice it was to see Victoria doing something normal and not being all stuck up — then she started complaining.

“I was behind her in the queue and when darker bits of meat were put on her plate she made it clear she wanted more breast.

But asking for the bit of the turkey you prefer is hardly being "stuck up", is it? Everyone at the Toby is free to ask for white or dark. Now, if she'd refused the turkey and demanded roast quail on a bed of chard, that would have been out of order. But to ask for something you're paying for? That's not actually bad, is it?