Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother: Twisting in the wind

Today's Sun is, as the Sun often is, outraged:

The C4 board REFUSED to sack any executives and INSISTED the controversial show would stay on air.

There was no response to calls that the station has a duty of care to Jade Goody, who has been driven to the brink of suicide by the row.

Yes, Jade "poor me" Goody is attempting to salvage the situation by telling everyone how suicidal she feels whenever she pictures all that perfume being relabelled Whoa Nelly By Furtado. What's interesting is that The Sun is now worrying about poor Jade's state of mind.

The same Sun which, last Friday, was running editorials calling for head:

That is why The Sun urges every reader who loves Britain to pick up a phone and make sure the ghastly Jade Goody is kicked out tonight.

The argument will continue to rage over whether Jade and her moronic mates are guilty of racism.

We're still trying to get our heads to understand how a call to patriotic nationalism is the right thing in the face of racism, but we can just about see how a paper might call for a TV company to protect someone from the angry mob the paper itself has helped whip up.

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