Monday, January 15, 2007

Doh rises again

Sebadoh - who ceased to exist sometime in the last century as they imploded under the weight of being too indie to be real - are getting back together, says Eric Gaffney:

"It was my idea as much as anybody's to tour again because if I was going to be putting out reissues and doing all of the business aspects, it just didn't make sense to me for those guys go out on tour without me. And especially when the reissues are my records. I actually started the band, so that was sort of the push and incentive behind making it work."

Right now, it's all live dates and reissues, but then that's what The Pixies comeback was meant to be.

Lou Barlow is also involved in the Dinosaur Jr reunion; it's rumoured he's in talks with himself about getting back together for some of his solo stuff. The chances of that seem slimmer, though: Lou hasn't been seen in public talking to himself for quite some time.

It'll be the Valentines next, at this rate.

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