Monday, January 15, 2007

Pete Doherty told he'll never wear Nev's Pie-Jamas

It's true: Pete Doherty has been barred from kids TV because he's not a "good role model". Although neither was Zammo, and they even did a record about him and everything.

It was the editor of Newsround, Tim Levell, who revealed the ban:

"On Newsround we have an informal agreement we don't cover Pete Doherty at all - in fact, there is one across the whole of BBC Children's TV.

"And if his management asked if he could be a guest on a Saturday morning show, we would say no because we don't think he is a good role model for children."

Mr Levell admitted Doherty was newsworthy, saying: "I can see how many news channels want to cover him because he is a sort of flawed genius.

"Personally I think he has a little too much coverage - particularly because he hasn't had any hit singles. I couldn't sing a single Doherty song."

Most nights, Tim, even Pete has trouble singing his songs. But we do wonder if Levell's artistic judgement is questionable: after all, suggesting that Doherty hasn't had any hit singles could be a hint that he's not that well up on current chart acts. Or perhaps doesn't count three top ten singles.

The Babyshambles team aren't bothered by this cold-shouldering from the delights of Smile and Blue Peter:

Andy Boyd, Doherty's manager, said: "Kids who want to buy Peter's records will not not buy them because the BBC are not supporting him. I would like their support, but it's not critical to his future career.

"Things are getting better and better and we are are about to sign the largest record deal of the year."

Weren't they on the verge of signing something similar last year? And since when did Pete Doherty turn into Sigue Sigue Sputnik with such fascination about the size of deals?

Still, he is right that kids won't pop Fuck Forever back down on the shelf because they've heard that he's not allowed to appear on Jackanory. But for a singer who seems to be relying more and more on his notoriety than his talent to scratch a living, having his sideshow kept off Newsround might close off access to a potential market.

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