Monday, January 15, 2007

Save the Kylie

Kylie's off-staging (she's now cancelled two further gigs) has, apparently, caused The Sun to break out in hives, as they call for her cool it.

In a piece by their, erm, deputy TV editor (hey, at a time like this, everyone needs to be onboard) Emma Cox, they indulge in the sort of conclusion-jumping that, really, the internet does so much better:

KYLIE Minogue fuelled fears that she is pushing herself too hard — after walking off stage because she was so ill.

Friends, family and fans were last night worried she had come back too soon after her battle with breast cancer.

Kylie — who got the all-clear just months ago — looked grim-faced as she was whisked back to her hotel with mum Carol on Saturday.

Well... yes, she'd just done a badly botched concert and felt rotten. Would you expect her to be grinning?

The paper have rustled a "source" of some sort up from somewhere to mouth the word "cancer" over and over again:

It’s awoken some of our worst fears again. There are definite concerns she has taken on too much and can’t cope with this pace.

“Everyone gets flu from time to time. But during the initial months after beating cancer, it’s vital to keep well.

“When Kylie first announced she wanted to tour and record again, there was concern among her friends and family that it was too much, too soon.

“She even postponed some medical work that had been planned for last summer in order to concentrate on her Homecoming tour.

“Some of her close friends tried to talk her into spending some time relaxing and resting.

“But she took on project after project — and too many dates. She didn’t want to let down her fans.” Kylie has axed gigs tonight and tomorrow in Manchester — where sister Dannii joined her on stage.

We're not entirely sure how Dannii could have joined her on stage at gigs that didn't happen, but let's let that one pass.

All this fretting over the poor state of Kylie's health might come as a surprise to Sun readers, who were told last April how well she was:

HERE is Kylie Minogue as her fans have been desperate to see her — a picture of health with a huge smile all over her face.

The brave singer looks relaxed and cheerful as she grins in poses for a very special photographer — her lover Olivier Martinez.

The pictures show just how well she is recovering from breast cancer — complete with a thick head of hair trimmed into a new elfin-like style.

And back in June, Victoria Newton and Dannii Minogue were enthusing over how healthy Kylie was:

DANNII MINOGUE has spoken of her relief that big sister Kylie is clear from cancer and revealed: “At last the nightmare is over.”

The Aussie singer told how Kylie is “glowing” now that she is “healthy” and asked for fans everywhere to “rejoice” at her happy news.

Now, it turns out, the paper has been worried all along that Kylie is doing too much. Presumably it didn't say anything because of its famed reticence, then.

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