Thursday, February 08, 2007

Galaxy and Kiss snuggle up

The Chrysalis-owned Galaxy radio network and EMAP's Kiss are to work together in a bid to take on the might of the BBC.

Yes, that's what they say, anyway.

We know that some Galaxies used to be Kiss anyway before EMAP threw a brand-hissy, but let's let that one lie, shall we?

Galaxy and Kiss already share a dance music Top 40 chart, the Fresh40, on Sundays. We do wonder, though, if one side is a little keener on the link-up than the other:

The Chrysalis Radio group head of programming, Pete Simmons, told MediaGuardian: "We are talking at management and programme director level, both commercially and in terms of programme content.

"We won't be sharing a breakfast show Monday to Friday, but there are other ways we can complete with the BBC.

"The figures for Kiss and Galaxy are great at the moment. People talk about kids not listening to radio anymore and it's just not true."

An Emap spokeswoman said the new radio projects were still at the discussion stage.

Now, if that's not one side booking the church and flicking through wedding invitation designs while the other is still wondering if he's going to return her calls, we don't know what is.