Friday, February 16, 2007

So long, I'm off to rejoin a Cult

Ian Astbury, who, lest we forget, has been spending the last four years pretending to be Jim Morrison in The Doors, has had enough. He's heading back off to restart The Cult. There's a statement:

"I have decided to move on and focus on my own music and legacy. I have learned a great deal from the both of them, and it certainly has expanded my abilities as a performer.

"This has been a difficult decision to make but I feel I would be holding them back as well as myself if I did not depart at this time."

I'm sorry, Ian, did you just say you were going to focus on your legacy, like you're Billie Holiday or Malcolm X?

And you've got to love the idea that the continued presence of Ian Astbury might "hold back" Riders On The Storm (they can't actually call themselves The Doors) more than, say, the fact that the whole point of the band existing vanished when a guy ODed in the bath back when Elsie Tanner was a lass.


Franco said...

I'm sure he was holding them back: how they managed to play their instruments with a straight face while Ian did his Doors karaoke a la 80s punk.

Couldn't he have moonlighted in the Cult as a support act for the Doors? Talk about The Blunt Pencil Tour.

Doug. said...

Have you taken a good shit lately?

simon h b said...

I'm not sure if you're asking me or Franco, Doug, but just in case: yes, a splendid one about ten minutes ago.

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