Friday, February 23, 2007

"The Zune is great" - W. Gates (Mrs)

What's upsetting about the apparent use of blog comment spam by Microsoft is not that they're doing it - ruining people's experiences when in front of computers is their mission, after all - but that it's to promote such a lousy idea. Turn your homepage to MSN and win a Zune? In other words, if you set your browser to launch with a horrible portal, you might be rewarded by getting a fairly clunky media player. It's up there with "cut your arm open and you could win septicaemia" as a proposition.


Duncan said...

Clunky? Have you guys even used a Zune? It's got one of the smoothest mp3 player interfaces I've seen...

Sure, no-one's buying them, but you're just jumping on the 'Zune is rubbish because it's not Apple' bandwagon...

simon h b said...

Yes, I have used a Zune.

No, it doesn't have a smooth interface - it's got the sort of clunky up/down/left/right control which would make a 1990s mobile phone blush.

It's not rubbish because it's not Apple - although Apple would never release anything as poor - but I suspect being a Microsoft product might have hobbled it somewhat.

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