Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Art imitates... art?

Tribute albums to bands aren't unusual any more - indeed, for a couple of decades it's been hard to flip more than two CDs past the Various Artists divider without turning up "Portsmouth by Portsmouth: South Western Bands sing the music of Mike Oldfield" or "The Men In Black Eyeliner: Goth tribute to Johnny Cash." But, we would suggest, the forthcoming tribute album to Frozen Gold is a first, what with Frozen Gold never having made a record, much less a sound.

Frozen Gold were the band in Iain Banks' Espedair Street; as such, Banks is now having to create some music for the real bands to record.

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Anonymous said...

The music already exists. Banks whistled and strummed the tunes he had in his head back in the 70s when he was at Sitling University into a cassette recorded. When Espedair Street was written he put extracts from the lyrics into the book, and later when it was made into a radio series by the BBC the songs were dug out and sent to the makers who incorporated snatches into the series. Actually the 'fake' Frozen Gold from the radio series did do a charity gig back in 1997.

Banks has been working with a composer friend, Gary Lloyd, who did a musical interpretation of The Bridge, to develop the songs further on and off over the last few years, and they are now trying to get them properly recorded.

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