Friday, March 09, 2007

Away wi'ye, Hatherley... Charlotte reveals split truth

Over a year ago, when Charlotte Hatherley and Ash went their separate ways, we were told it was mutual and amicable and everyone agreed it was for the best.

Only... it turns out it wasn't quite like that:

"In the end it was the boys' choice. They wanted to go back to being a three-piece. They knew I wasn't happy in the band any more so they assumed that I'd be fine with the decision.

"I did find it was a bit weird. I left the conversation thinking: 'What just happened there? Did I leave or was I fired?' But it was all very nice and there were no hard feelings."

It was, of course, our old friend, Musical Differences:
"The boys were really in love with American music and with America. After years of touring the States they were listening to a lot of Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, stuff I've never really been into.

"I found recording 'Meltdown' really difficult. Basically I coldn't relate to it. Things were getting a bit stale and I think we all needed something to change."

To be honest - and fond as we are of the new Ash stuff - we think she probably came out best of it all; her solo stuff has the sense of freedom and experimentation that can come from a change, while Ash... well, they may have a very nice furrow, but sooner or later they might want to think about turning slightly, surely?

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