Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Bono Must Die" says Peaches; "Wash your mouth" says Bob

Bob Geldof knows what it's like to be young and a little thoughtless: singing a song from the perspective of Adolf Hitler, for example. So you'd think that hearing his daughter Peaches is pushing a band called Bono Must Die would make him shake his head and chuckle a little, right?

Wrong. He's not happy at all:

A source told the Daily Star: "Bob knows it's cool in certain circles to mock Bono because he's become such a huge star since the indie beginnings of U2.

"That doesn't mean, however, that he is happy to see Peaches endorsing it in any way so he's asked her to take the band's image off her site.

"He's a Boomtown Rat and knows about being young and wanting to stick two fingers up at the establishment but the line is blurred for him here."

Iconoclasm is all well and good, but not when Daddy has to play golf with the icons at the next G8, Peaches.

[Thanks to Michael Moran for the link]

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