Saturday, March 10, 2007

Drink yourself to death to Jimi Hendrix

The unapproved use of musicians names and likenesses always causes a bit of upsetment, but it takes a special kind of stupid for a drinks company to pick someone who killed themselves with booze and pills and to slap their name on a bottle of vodka. The Hendrix estate is now taking legal action to try and get Hendrix Electric Vodka taken off the market.


Anonymous said...

This isn't a case of the Hendrix estate making a moral judgement based on the manner of Jimi's demise. They themselves were more than happy to license a Jimi Hendrix beer.

Sadly, if you see what I mean, this is simply a case of the Hendrix Estate acting to protect their cash cow.

Anonymous said...

How about Jimi Hendrix Diaper covers? Air freshener? "Authentic signature" boxershorts?Golf balls? Chairs where you sit on an image of his face? Hendrix Red Wine? Hell, why not exhume his corpse and move it to some gaudy purple haze memorial where we can sell plots next to him? Oops,all of the above has already been done by non other than Janie so called Hendrix herself! And the kicker?? She's his adopted stepsister and is of no blood relation whatsoever!! Jimi's real family was included in his father's numerous wills for nearly 30yrs but after Janie took over her stepdad's affairs in '96, that all changed! I'm happy to see Jimi's real brother who Jimi helped raise and other family members benefiting from his legacy.Janie's marketing some sugary energy drink. What's next? Hendrix Holy Water?? I'm going to support Jimi's REAL family and try the Vodka.

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