Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eurovision: Was the public conned?

Justin Hawkins has dropped his outlandish claims that he was a victim of a racist British public when his rubbish song didn't win Making Your Mind Up, and instead thrown his weight behind the complaints that Scooch somehow 'cheated' by having backing singers offstage.

We're a little lost as to the point of these allegations. Apart from anything, you know what else, Justin? They weren't making the instrument noises with their mouths. The music was coming from somewhere else, too.

What's more: did Justin read what he was signing up for? It's a song contest, and you're meant to be judged on the best song, not the greatest performance. You can argue - and, oh, we would - that the great British Public wouldn't know a rubbish song if it moved in next door and stole their car, but if anyone can explain why you'd need to have all the singers on stage to be able to judge the quality of a song, we'll buy you a ticket to Helsinki.

(Actually, we won't, but we'd like to hear that, nevertheless.)

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