Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's like that David and Goliath story out that book Pat Robertson likes

Pat Robertson - failed Presidential candidate, homophobe, Liberian gold-mine investor, energy drink manufacturer, anti-Hindu, anti-abortionist (except in China, of course) and some sort of pretend Christian minister is a busy man. So he's apparently left it to his TV network to attack Welsh Christian singer Martyn Joseph.

To be fair, Joseph did start it, by writing a song about Pat. He performed it at Greenbelt last year:

He says he was surprised by the reaction of some after the Greenbelt festival, including one who called him “a misguided protest singer whipping up anti right-wing prejudice”.

He said, “I had a press review and a few letters about my language. As long as they also wrote to Pat Robertson to complain about him asking for certain leaders to be ‘taken out’ – which was my point – then that’s fair enough.”

Actually, it doesn't really look as if Robertson has lost very much money ("sleep") over this one, and he has other people to call for the assassination of.

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