Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kapranos versus the scalpers

Alex Kapranos has joined the growing call for something to be done about people reselling gig tickets at higher-than-face-value prices:

Fuming Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos branded touts “capitalist bastards” and urged fans to “smack” them.

The Take Me Out rocker blasted: “These people are essentially a group of organised criminals. They’re destroying what should be a really pleasurable and affordable experience for ordinary people.”

Organised criminals, except for, erm, not breaking any laws. And while it's true that professional touts are capitalist bastards, until Kapranos starts flogging his own tickets and stops selling them through the booking-fee gouging "agencies", he might want to rail a little less at people exploiting others for profit.


karlt said...

Capitalist bastards? Presumably Franz Ferdinand only accept payment for gigs in the form of trabants and tractors then?

Elephant said...

Why on earth have The Sun dug that up now...? Alex said it over two years ago.

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