Monday, March 05, 2007

Kele: No good at Vice

Kele Okerke has started to have regrets about the deal Bloc Party cut in the US when they signed to Vice Records. It's more the parent company, really:

"That's one of the things that I most regret about our history. I wish I'd voiced my concerns at the time, articulated them more clearly.

"The people that we work with are lovely, and they're a separate company from the magazine, but Vice the brand just fills me with dread, really. It's a real kind of nasty vortex, where any decency and general compassion to other people has just been completely obliterated.

"I don't know if the magazine is still like that, but it certainly was very much so back then."

As Idolator points out, it's not like the magazine was recently bought out by the Barclay Brothers or something - it's been pretty much an amoral vortex for quite a while; certainly long before Bloc Party started to help underwrite their costs.

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