Tuesday, March 27, 2007

KT ponders a new direction

KT Tunstall is thinking about doing something different. Not, sadly, so different it won't involve her quitting music and going off to live in a tent somewhere, but different nonetheless:

I've been thinking about doing something more electronic."

Actually, this is quite exciting - so, who are you electronic music heroes, KT? Can we expect something a little Stereolabby? A bit more Kraftwerk-like?
"I was a really big WHAM! fan and still am."


Of course, Wham were dogged by people being more obsessed about their sexuality than their music, so it's not such a large leap, is it?


Anonymous said...

are you serious? kt tunstall is probally the most original and talented singer/songwriter of our generation.

simon h b said...

You know, I almost thought you meant that. But then I realised you were just trying to get me going, you cheeky young scamp.

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