Friday, March 23, 2007

Maconie is the new Lard

Big news from Radio 2: Next month there's going to be a late-night reshuffle, with Mark Radcliffe moving forward from 10.30 to 8pm. And, in a bemusing move, being teamed-up with Stuart Maconie, presumably in case the extra two hours a week proves a little much for him.

MediaGuardian suggest this is a "move into primetime" - although being set up to compete with evening telly makes the eight o'clock slot seem less Prime time; indeed, defending the knock-on move of specialist musical shows into the later slots, Radio 2 points out the audience is larger at 10.30 than at 8.00.

Janice Long is a loser in the new schedule, with her midnight slot turning into a midnight-thirty slot (give it a few years, and she'll be back on in daylight.)

Steve Lamacq is also getting a regular slot on the station - we think this will make him the first person to have a regular show on Radio 2 and Radio 1 at the same time, and certainly the first person to be on 6,2 and 1.


Robin Carmody said...

Alan Freeman did shows on both Radios 1 and 2 in the 1970s: mind you, Pick of the Pops was simulcast on both Radio 2's VHF and LW frequencies, his Saturday show was simulcast on Radio 2 VHF and his Radio 2 shows were simulcast on Radio 1 in the evenings ... such was the way of things back then. And then there was David Hamilton going out on both stations at once as a result of that very mid-1970s word, "stagflation", in the days when he played to a greater audience than Moyles could ever dream of, rather than a few East Coast resorts, the North Sea and a load of people in Holland who've never heard of him.

Anonymous said...

Damn, just as I was finally perfectly placed to listen to Radcliffe live, we go back to him going out at the same sort of time that he was on when I lived in Japan.

Wish I had internet radio in the car....

EleanorG in NZ

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