Thursday, March 22, 2007

Osbourne's non-returning show "not axed"

Remember Sharon Osbourne's awful UK chatshow? Following the model set by her awful US chatshow, it looks like its gone after one limping series, although ITV seem reluctant to admit that it's axed the programme:

An ITV1 spokeswoman said: "We have a number of programmes in the pipeline and we experiment with a variety of programmes in the competitive 5pm slot but Sharon Osbourne hasn't been axed."

... it's just not coming back. If it's not actually been axed, it's been driven up to the top of the motorway and left on the hard shoulder.

Meanwhile, TOTP2 hasn't been axed, either, but has downsized to the point where it's only going to be on six times a year to mark "special occasions." Such as the rare outing for old Top of the Pops footage, we presume.

Jools Holland is going to have an extra six programmes a year, though. The BBC says this is to see just how much boogie-woogie piano a nation can stand without going insane.