Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Peach in our time

Rejoice! The war between Lily Allen and Peaches Geldof is at an end.

Yes, yes, we know you've been worried sick. But it's turned out alright:

DJ Peaches will reveal on Channel 4’s Transmission With T-Mobile show this Friday how she kissed and made up with Smile star Lily at a London nightclub.

She said: “We looked at each other and thought, ‘This is rubbish’. ”

Yes, yes it is, isn't it?

(Apparently, "DJ Peaches" does refer to Ms Geldof, although you might know her better as "tiresome talent vacuum coasting along on her father's fame and cash Peaches". It threw us for a moment, too.)


James said...

"DJ Peaches"


Has the government created a new branch of the Job Centre which aims to reduce unemployment figures by dreaming up hokum job titles for Z-list 'celebrities'?

If so, I think I've seen their work a few times on TV, when 'Top 100 Comedy Clips With a Heavy Channel 4 Bias' has featured talking-head comments from numerous nonentities described as 'Presenter' and 'Comedian'. I believe Michelle Bass is hanging around the office at least once a week, waiting to see if a pretend-vacancy for 'Singer' has come up.



Georgia said...

I particularly enjoyed the pap shots I saw of her yesterday walking about with her 875 quid Chloe leopard print handbag.

Feed the world, Bob?

Why not cut off your daughter's fucking handbang allowance and start by feeding a village for a year?

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