Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Project catwalk

It must be bloody galling being a fashion student - you spend years sharpening pencils, drawing cloaks, being shouted at and trying to persuade models to work with you, and are still lucky to get a job choosing the direction the zips will go in Peacocks' summer range of kids' trousers. But then, someone has a top thirty hit and before you know it, they've got their own label and a clothing range in the windows of C&A, which has specially reopened because they're great.

Latest muso-turned-designer is - and here, insult turns into a really nasty injury that could fester - Matt Helders. The bloody drummer from the Arctic Monkeys.

A whole pound from each of his limited-edition of 600 tshirts will be going to some sort of charity. It'll all be flogged through ASOS.com.


jona said...

see also: Dan Gillespie Sells of the bloody Feeling advertising M&S in the paper at the weekend.

The strangest thing is it just has his name, and doesn't mention the band - the only person I know who has the Feeling cd is my mum, and she wouldn't know his name if she saw it wearing a pink tank-top in the Saturday supplement.

Anonymous said...

And in a Monkeys interview last year, the rest of the band revealed that Helders was a source of much amusement for his bad taste in clothing and love of using the boxes of free clothes they got sent like a dressing up box from primary school. Still his colaboration with Sarah Harding should be good... are the PRs struggling to make stuff up until the LCC gigs?

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