Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Robbie Williams is not going to send thank yous

The cloying "cut out a rubbish card and send it to me to pass it on to Robbie Williams" stunt by Victoria Newton has generated a small flurry of responses from the sort of people you'd expect, and Victoria has published some of them today. (Oddly, Victoria seems to have forgotten to mention that she'd be printing the contents of the cards when she first requested the feature - doubtless nobody would mind, but it would have been nice to point out that you were opting in to having your simplistic messages held up to public ridicule ("shared with the public") by sending them via Victoria.

She also seems only to find space for four messages from the "sackloads" she's received. One imagines the must be small sacks.


James said...

God almighty.

Marie from Blackpool wrote: “You are a bright, charismatic guy who can achieve anything you want.”

Michelle from Australia: “You’re the biggest star in the world. Be happy.”

Victoria from Wapping: "Rudebox is the worst record I’ve EVER heard (and believe me, I’ve had to listen to some sh*te in the past). It shouldn’t be allowed on grounds of taste. No doubt Robbie will be so incensed at this review that he will slap a ban on me being sent the rest of the album ahead of its release. I’ll let you know if he does. In the past he’s not taken kindly to criticism. Rudebox? Rudeb****x more like."

Poor Victoria. She's gone to all this trouble to cheer Robbie up, and yet the top Google result for 'Robbie Bizarre' is still her touching article entitled 'Robbie single worst EVER'.

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