Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sorry - can't play, got a date with Hudson Hawk

Amy Winehouse has tried her fans' patience a bit by cancelling gigs due to reasons, but surely pulling a gig to go out with Bruce Willis is pushing things a little too far?

Of course, the official reason for the date being axed is that Winehouse

"...felt the club could not accomadate her large backing band."

Odd that you don't realise that your band simply won't fit in a venue until less than 24 hours before the date at LA's Spaceland. Or perhaps the horn section had swollen up?

Suicide Girls reports that Amy had been approached the night before by Bruce Willis, with an invite to his birthday party. How fortunate that the band being suddenly too large to fit freed her up to go.

Oddly, the six-piece Saturday Looks Good To Me managed to fit on the stage earlier this month.

[Thanks to Michael Moran for a link]

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