Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Subtitle no longer available

Rappy type Subtitle has announced he's quitting music following the axing of a tour he'd hoped would help him claw back lost ground:

nothing witty here but quitting

yup I'm a quitter.
after 4 months of struggling like mad
and hoping a tour would save my sorry flesh,
said tour got cancelled, which means my money for the
next 2 months went with it. I hope whoever has my passport
is dead. I can't make a living in another country and my supergroup
randomizers is really a social club at this point. I hit up labels trying
to submit a DEMO for chrissakes! I've fallen pretty fall from grace, so it's
a wrap. thanks to all the fans and thanks to all the people who liked
my music. If I can hold on to my laptop, I'll make music for fun, but
otherwise fuck it, nothing is worth this much heartache. whatever happens to trunk bomb is news to me. I'm giving b.e.a.r. to nate and phil and..............."

Really called Giovanni Marks - there had been a suggestion he was going to start working under that name - Subtitle had supported everyone from Nancy Sinatra to Dalek and LCD soundsystem, and joined The Mars Volta on tour.