Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What do you call someone who charges you to have dinner with them?

How about Snoop and Diddy? They're coming to London next week, and - for four grand - you're invited to join them for a bit of supper:

"You can immerse yourself in the A-list glamour with this invitation to purchase tickets for the official P Diddy after-concert party, to be held at an exclusive central London location.

"P Diddy is world renowned for hosting the hottest parties on the globe and many famous faces will be joining the celebrations.”

Diddy is so keen to turn a few bob, he's even picked up a gig playing Colleen McLoughlin's 21st birthday - apparently, she'd have preferred Westlife or Take That, but they were too classy. Diddy gets a roped-off section at the event, claims the Mail, which is wonderful: he might be happy to play her birthday, but he's not prepared to mix with her family.