Friday, March 09, 2007

Winehouse, wine shop, sick room, no show

Amy Winehouse pulled her Shepherd's Bush show last night due to "unforseen circumstances."

The Sun smells... well, not so much a rat as a nice chianti:

The Rehab singer was snapped in her local North London supermarket at 11am studying the booze selection.

Shortly afterwards she cancelled her gig at Shepherds Bush Empire.

Which is a pretty thin basis for what they're implying - now, if they'd seen her down Threshers at half past five, filling a trolley, that might be a little more conclusive.

Her PR doesn't exactly help:
Amy’s PR told me: “Her management said she was ill.”

Still, it gives Victoria Newton a chance to use her favourite (i.e. only) Amy Winehouse Joke:
Her management company tried to make her go to rehab but she said: “No, No, No.” I hope she said the same after her morning trip to the wine store.

Otherwise it may be time she said: “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

Ha-ha. Yes, "no no no." Like in her song. We get it.


bonjourtristesse said...

Hi Simon! All the American gossip sites have posted pix of Amy with "powdered sugar nostrils"...shame, she is breaking big over here and too bad it may be spoiled...

Franco said...

You can't keep a good Enfield girl down - everyone will soon work out if it was an "inspired" Photoshop job and, if it wasn't, that, as The View have found out, only a drug-related arrest and not drug-related rumours can stop her now.

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