Friday, March 23, 2007

Working out the Kinks upsets the Kinks

We can understand that having a shrine in your honour taken down and broken up must be upsetting, but since the pub which housed the Kinks corner has gone out of business, it's a bit rich of Ray Davies to complain that the new owners aren't having a corner given over to paying tribute to him:

Ray Davies said he was "genuinely disappointed" at the move, while Dave Davies asked "Have they lost their dignity, sense of local history and English heritage?".

Ray has gone as far as to send an open pleading letter to pub boss Caroline Jones urging her to retain their legacy there.

It's a shame, really, and we do cringe everytime we see the guts of a nice pub being ripped out in the name of upgrade, but to suggest a publican has "lost their dignity" because they've thrown pictures of you in a skip might be slightly overstating the case, Dave.


Anonymous said...

Those of you reading this who support Ray and Dave and wish to help can do so by signing the online petition to urge the new tenants of the Clissold Arms to retain the Kinks memorabilia or, at the very least, the plaque commemorating the first public performance of Ray and Dave Davies.

For further information, please visit the following links;

You can help further by asking your friends, family and colleagues to sign and by posting the link to the petition on message boards, forums, news groups, MySpace etc.

Thank you.

Kinks Petition said...

The new tenant of the Clissold Arms, Caroline Jones of Jobo Developments, has made the following statement;

'We are thrilled to have secured the site of The Clissold Arms for our next venture. It will reopen as a gastropub this summer, following a major refurbishment.

In respect to the Kinks Memorabilia & subsequent historical connection to the Clissold Arms, I would like to confirm the following:

We have no intention of removing it from the building; at no point did I use the word 'auction'- or state that the Kinks historical connection to the Clissold was not in keeping with the way we wish to run the Pub.

Our only aim is to enhance both the natural features & atmosphere of the Clissold Arms & to provide a quality food offering.

Our recent comments in the Muswell Hill Journal on this matter were completely misinterpreted and untrue.'

Thank you to everybody who supported the campaign and signed the petition.

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