Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wuss watch

From one set of awards to another... Cracked have totted up some sort of voting system to name the nine greatest wusses in rock today. In full:

Billy Corgan and James Iha
Chris Cornell
Belle And Sebastian
Conor Oberst
Sufjan Stevens
Brandon Flowers
Panic! At The Disco

We're not sure that including Belle & Sebastian is fair, really - they've always been sensitive and haven't ever pretended to be "raaaaaawwwk", whereas nailing Corgan and Flowers for thinking that not shaving for a couple of days is on a par with fighting, bare-knuckle, in the car park round the back of The Goat And Compass is a bit nearer the mark. But what sort of list is this, without a My Chemical Romance in sight?

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Warriorwoman said...

Are you wacked?? Chris Cornell a wuss?

Anyone who has survived as long as he has with the adversities he's faced and STILL looks and sings as he does ..... is not a wuss.

You should be so lucky !!!!!

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