Saturday, April 28, 2007

25 best albums untainted by the RIAA

We're not entirely sure if Berkeley Square haven't painted themselves into a corner with the rules for their Top 25 Indie albums of all time - fair enough, they're only allowing records which are currently not being released by companies which are members of the RIAA to join in (and they want your suggestions). But this cuts out Joy Division, Sonic Youth and a large slew of other now-big names whose back catalogues have been hoovered up by majors are ruled illegible, which seems a bit of a problem for determining the best indie albums of all time. Still, why not toss your vote into the hat and we can see where we all end up?

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karlt said...

I really don't understand this. Either an album is great or it isn't. Why does it matter whether it was released on (by one definition) an indie label or not? What if the artist released an album on an indie label then signed to a major? Does this detract from the work they did before, ahem, selling out?

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