Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dragging on

The status of Giant Drag was thrown into something of some confusion when Mich left: look, back in December, we said we're confused. Happily, talking to LA Weekly, Annie Hardy has confirmed they're (she's?) still a going concern:

Micah quit the band. I’m continuing on without Micah. I love Micah but I knew he wasn’t gonna be in GD forever. It’s my songs and my passion. He just got sick of it… sick of the traveling… of the business aspect. Of being broke and homeless.

So who are you gonna be performing with? Will you be singing accapella? Is there a new band?

I haven't got a steady band. Right now it’s the Adored, they fired their lead singer; there’s only three of them.”

So: Giant Drag still going. Adored, we're not so sure about.