Tuesday, April 03, 2007

EU eye iTunes

We're surprised it's taken the European Union so long to get round to this one, to be honest: They're investigating why EU citizens are being prevented from buying from iTunes music stores outside of their home nation, when under EU law, they should be free to buy in any EU nation.

Apple respond that they didn't want to break EU law, but the record labels made them do it:

Apple said it had always wanted to offer a fully pan-European service but was restricted by the demands of its music partners.

"We were advised by the music labels and publishers that there were certain legal limits to the rights they could grant us," it said in a statement.

Could grant, or would grant?

Let's hope - for Apple's sake - that they're not forced to refund people who've bought from the UK ITMS at an illegally inflated price, eh?

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