Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The Experimental Pop Band - who used to be the South West Experimental Pop Band, if you remember - are about to release a fifth album (we're not sure if that's including half-albums, eps collected into a compilation, and other such difficult-to-account-for projects.) It's called Tinsel Stars, and it's available for pre-order, although Amazon seems convinced it's coming in the middle of May and the label is saying June 11th.

We're promised tropicana bongos.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mark Luffman still likes them? I always associate them mainly with his praise in Melody Maker ... he lived in Australia the last time I heard from him.

Mark Luffman said...

I always hoped that there would be people thinking that - " i wonder if Mark Luffman still likes them' and buying a Cd based on the answer. 'London Prenancy Test' is a very wonderful single indeed, and it'd be better to associate them with that than my praise. I still like them - the last record of theirs I heard was the one with the bull on the cover - I don't think that they ever quite sounded the way I thought they would, but there are all sorts of reasons for that. I'm still in Australia, married with a little boy, and my new favourite band is not new at all.

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