Monday, April 02, 2007

Gerard does it Billie's way

Uneasy lays the head which wears the Hot Topic hairdye. Poor old Gerald ("Gerard") Way from My Chemical Romance finds it so hard being a role model. So who does he turn to? Billie Joe, apparently. (Wouldn't he be better off with a girlfriend or boyfriend?) Billie Joe understands:

Way admits he finds it difficult being a role model for youngsters, and is grateful to have found a friend in the AMERICAN IDIOT singer - although he doesn't want to trouble the star with all his problems.

He says, "The problem is, there aren't many people I can ask for advice. From time to time I've talked to Billie Joe from Green Day.

"He's the type of guy I can talk to all day, but he's having downtime at the minute so I don't want to bother him."

That sounds to me like he's trying to dump you, Gerald. Perhaps you could ask Robert Smith for Pete Wentz's number?

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Anonymous said...


What the hell is "downtime"? I've never heard that used in the context of a human being. People simply do not speak like that. Hence, I have come to the conclusion that they are all robots : A master race of robots with little musical ability and a program which produces formulaic lyrics based on The Cure back-catalogue. In the war against the forces of good, which is surely just around the corner, they shall have to ally themselves with the evil central mainframe known as "Gennaro Castaldo V1.0"!

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