Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kele quoted as saying Doherty quote was misquote

Kele Okereke is desperate for people to not think badly of him. He's not, he insists, having a go at Pete Doherty:

“I read something this week about me cussing out Pete Doherty, when I didn’t do anything of the sort.

"I was just giving an example when I was asked a question about the nature of suffering and art, but if anyone's really that bothered to find the quote they'll see the context.

“I don't really pay it too much mind really. I think it’s just the nature of news these days."

Oh. Well, apparently, Bloc Party are busy writing for their next album, but maybe this is out of context, too:
"We have been writing. I think we’re a band that enjoy writing and it’s always been easy. So if we have time we're always thinking about new songs or new sounds or new ideas."

Then again, maybe Kele was just talking about theoretical songwriting.


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