Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mark Ronson surprised by Smiths fans passion

Since Mark Ronson claims to be such a big fan of The Smiths, surely he can't have been surprised by the angry (and, almost certainly empty) threats of violence from other Smiths fans following his throttling the life out of Stop me?:

He says, "The worst one read, 'I want to stab you in the eye.'"

If the Smiths actually meant anything to him, he'd have responded not by telling the press that he was being targetted, but simply by saying "why are you spending valuable time on me, then?"


David said...

Yes, except for the lyric you're referring to is actual 'KICK in the eye'.

simon h b said...

Yes. But the point was more about the violence inherent in Morrissey's lyrics which Ronson, if he was that into The Smiths, would have known about. There's very little to choose between a kick and a stab in the eye.

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