Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Musical theatre is simply Divine

Sadly, the Neil Hannon written musical for the National Theatre isn't going to be one of those standard cut-and-shunt of back catalogue into a shaky story framework. So, no "But however shall we make it to London?" "Why, let's take the National Express..."

Instead, Hannon appears to be adapting Swallows and Amazons - which does mean there's going to be a casting call for Hannon to try and find his Titty.

Trouble is, though, of all the books adults assume children will love, real-life-spy Arthur Ransome's boat adventure is probably the most off-putting, and there's no reason to assume that adding Hannon's tunes to the story of posh kids having larks on a lake is going to make it feel any less like being trapped in an awfully nice Bible Class.

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