Thursday, April 26, 2007

Presumably Princess Diana did care about black people, then

The official announcement about the line-up for the Diana Concert did include a name not offered by Victoria Newton this morning: Kanye West. That's a bit of a drift rightwards from the straight-talking hero of the Katrina benefit, isn't it?

Geoffrey Matthews, the concert's project director, said that Prince Harry was still set for deployment in Iraq and that it was likely he would be allowed leave to attend the event.

He added that the princes would appear on stage in some capacity.

He said there was no final guest list regarding which Royals would attend but that the Queen, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were not expected to be there.

"It's more of a fun-filled, younger generation event."

The implication, of course, being that nothing kills fun like having Charles and Camilla there.

And let's not run away with the idea that it's hard to find anyone who wants to play the event:
Mr Matthews said some artists wanted to take part but were unable too due to busy schedules, although he declined to name them.

Yeah... July 1st is a busy day: dry cleaning to pick up, plans to have a go at sorting out the lagging, trips to the Pipe Museum arranged. Nothing that you'd be able to put off in order to play an event getting multinational live TV and radio coverage.

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Anonymous said...

I read as saying that the princess would appear on stage and was a little taken aback.

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