Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Right Said Fred "not too sexy" - official

We don't know if the people who complained about Right Said Fred's Daz advert (on taste and decency grounds, rather than artistic merit) was the same person who complained about the Haribo advert with the bloke getting his hand fixed in concrete because he's trying to fish his sweets out of wet cement, but we wouldn't be at all surprised.

Anyway, the Advertising Standards Authority investiagted, in response to anguished cries:

Five viewers believed the ads were unsuitable for broadcast around children's television programmes, because of the reference to "sexy" and the suggestive movements of the lead singer while he sang.

The ASA's official line? They're not too sexy:
The ASA acknowledged that some parents believed the ad was unsuitable to be shown around children's programmes, because it included references to the word "sexy" and the singer's movements could be considered to be mildly suggestive. We noted some children had asked their parents what "sexy" meant and that they believed this was inappropriate, as was their children singing the song. However, we noted the female characters dancing was humorous, not sexual, and considered that young children who saw the ad were likely to respond to the humour, rather than viewing it in a sexual context. We understood that some parents may have felt uncomfortable explaining what "sexy" meant, but we nevertheless concluded that the ad was suitable to be shown without a scheduling restriction.

Well, "humorous" is pushing it a little, but you know what they mean.

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