Saturday, April 28, 2007

Robbie Williams is not going to be shunned by Fiddy

Fifty Cent is a shrewd business brain, and so the news that he's seriously thinking of pairing up with Robbie Williams must, we pray, be driven by pounds in his eyes rather than dreams of artistic merit:

"People should look forward to hearing 50 Cent and Robbie together. He's keen to explore hip hop.

"He's got a very distinctive voice and with the right song we could work well together."

Still, we look forward to the inevitable "who can take their shirt off the most" video, which will be in No Way Gay At All.


DJ Samba said...

After Angels it just went down hill. And boy didn't it!

Please, please Robbie. Stick to what you're good at. This guy's been shot like, 7 times. By a gun Robbie, A GUN. Not a camera. The worst you've had is people feeling you up in Manchesters lovely Gay village.

Anonymous said...

A Hip Hop Fan writes:
Please let this be a joke.
Frankly, I'd rather hear Robbie rap. He has more artistic merit in his little finger than Fiddy has in all his bullet holes. Let me know when this musical travesty is spewed forth, so that I may heat a pair of forks to drive into my eardrums.

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