Monday, April 23, 2007

Where everybody knows you're lame

Pete Wentz has trouble with New York clubs, it seems:

"When I go to New York I always have to pick between crappy clubs and then call the promoter ahead of time and then still get hassled at the door and get stuffed into some cramped stupid VIP section and hear bad techno."

Perhaps the solution would be to not imagine that you're in anyway special, queue up with everyone else and go into the non-VIP section, Pete. And choose clubs where they'll play music you like?

Oh. Or you could open your own bar. He's teamed up with Gym Class Heroes and The Academy Is... to open a nightspot, Angels and Kings. We imagine that there will still be an over-grumpy door staff, a small roped-off VIP segment and godawful music on the PA, but don't imagine the only difference between this hole and other New York holes is that Pete Wentz can get in easily. Oh, no, it's going to be themed:
"We have a couple of Fall Out-based ideas for drinks. There's this song called Where Is Your Boy Tonight, so I was thinking we could have a Where Is Your Beer special night."

Erm... yeah. And you could have Two For One on all Shorts Fast And Loud. And My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Bloody Mary and...

Or, since the legal drinking age in New York is 21, it might be a good idea to not aim your drinks menu at the younger end of the teen market.

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