Wednesday, May 23, 2007

KT Tunstall finally meets bloke she shared a bed with

Is it a million-to-one coincidence, or is it merely they must know the same sort of people and go to the same sort of places? KT Tunstall was spooked to bump into the bloke who played the man in the Other Side Of The World video - the one where, a bit like Stevie and Paul in Ebony and Ivory, they never actually met:

"We were freaked out, seeing someone so familiar that you've never actually met. It must have been more than two years ago we shot that."

Who would have thought that someone from two years ago would even be, like, still alive or whatever?

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Anonymous said...

One can only speculate at the real content of that conversation

KT : "Hey, you're that guy..."
Guy from video : "Oh yeah and you're that girl"
KT : "Yeah... so ... ehm... yeah... ehm... so what's up? How ya been?"
Guy from video : "Oh you know... so... ehm... fancy getting out of here?"
KT : "ehm... no I'm not really... i mean I don't... That's to say I can't... well, I'm not willing to... oh ehm... well..."
Guy from video : "I don't understand"
KT : "Obviously you've never read No Rock And Roll Fun"

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