Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lily Allen's sobs for Diana

The surprise of Lily Allen turning up on the bill for the Diana concert is nothing compared to the surprise that Keith, Lily and Alfie all plodded down to see the funeral ten years ago. Mind you, Victoria Newton has the story:

A fellow mourner told me: “I was shocked to see Keith standing next to me with his kids.

“Some reporters tried to talk to him but he told them it was a private moment. As the coffin passed, Lily was quite upset.”

Interesting that for ten years this "fellow mourner" remembered the reactions of Keith Allen's daughter when she was just Keith Allen's daughter. Amazing, even.

And she was only twelve years old, so I'm not quite sure we can all make the leap Newton has from a "quite upset" preteen, through
I can reveal how Lily wept in the crowd at Princess Di’s funeral almost ten years ago

ending up with conclusion that
Street-smart Lily is a royalist

Apart from anything, at the end, Diana was hardly a supporter of the monarchy, was she? And can we really believe that Allen would be a supporter of a system whereby people are granted fame and fortune based not on their talents, but who their parents are?


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James said...

I'm also impressed that Vicky's source managed to pick out Lily, what with Keith Allen having eight children altogether. Even if they weren't all in tow at the time, it's quite a feat to spot which one was Keith Allen's Daughter(tm), as opposed to the less-famous Keith Allen's Daughter's Sisters.

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