Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Madonna tells people what to do

The 3AM Girls have spotted Madonna making her film director debut:

MADONNA left nothing to chance in making sure her directorial debut goes with military precision.

How? Carefully pre-drafted plans? Clear storyboarding? A team of people who actually know what the hell they're doing?

Erm, no:
The pop queen donned an army-style hat on the set of her comedy Filth And Wisdom in London's East End.

Ah, yes. It's a little known fact that Hitchcock's success was down purely to his Reg Varney style cap, worn across all projects from first location scout to last edit.

The film is going to be a comedy, which means that Madonna's not bothering to stick to what she knows...
Meanwhile, not to be outdone, husband Guy Ritchie is returning to movie-making with another gangster film.

...unlike Guy.


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