Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Of levels and revels

Next year, it's going to be twenty years since The Levellers first lurched towards a stage - twenty years of contradictions and commitment. To mark the occasion, there's going to be a massive tour; before that, a slew of reissues. First up, What a Beautiful Day is getting a download-only return on iTunes on 28th June; on the 2nd July, all the albums from their Warners-era (contradictions, see) get a shake down. Levelling The Land is being completely spiffed up - which, in Leveller's terms would mean a new army surplus jacket and a second-hand pair of boots - with a second disc featuring the band's 1992 Glastonbury appearance. (This was back when Glastonbury was still that sort of festival, of course.)

They've still not quite embraced the free market with the gusto exhibited by Chumbawamba, but this is probably about as commercial as they're going to get...