Sunday, May 20, 2007

Robbie Williams is not gaily leaving LA

Having gone to all the trouble of installing a fool-sized (sorry, full-sized) football pitch and everything, and banged on about how LA was great because, you know, nobody knew who he was (despite his best efforts), Robbie Williams is returning to the UK to live.

Well, so reckons Rav Singh anyway.

So, what has tempted Robbie back to Britain? Those new Tetley Tea adverts? Work? The cricket season?

Nope, according to Rav, it's to "set up home" with Jonathan Wilkes. We should stress, of course, that the phrase "set up home" is Rav's, not ours. We're sure this is nothing more than a spot of Morecambe And Wise style flat sharing. Although, obviously, in their sketches they shared a bed, one of them had no visible job and the other laboured under the misapprehension that their pisspoor work was great art. So, different in every respect then.


Anonymous said...

It's apparently very hard to accept talented and successful people when you're talentless yourself Simon.

Copying rumoured crap is obviously the only thing you manage to do to deal with your envy and anger.

If it wasn't so obviously sad how much you need to get a life Simon, it would only be laughable.

A good advice for you is to seek treatment for your anger issues. Because there will always be talented people like Robbie, whether you like it or not.

I won't bother to visit your blog again - it's a waste of time, and unlike you I've got much better things to do.


Unknown said...


Thou shalt not put brand based music production on a pedestal...

Robbie Williams,
Just a brand
Take That,
Just a brand
Spice Girls,
Just a brand
Girls Aloud
Just a brand
The next X Factor winner,
Just a brand

Anonymous said...

'Andrew'? Afternoon, Wilkes.

Sorry to hear you're leaving so soon. If you're bored, why not swing by I hear it's full of funny home videos. You could pick out a few of your favourites, make a laboured joke about each one before clicking 'Play' and pretend you're back on You've Been Framed. Hours of fun!

Quick word of warning; Robbie might have bumped into someone called Paris Hilton during his time in LA. If he tries to make you sit in a little handbag when he takes you out, don't let him.

Actually, I've just realised you said you weren't coming back here, so you probably won't see this. If someone here works for the Job Centre, could they pass it on please? Ta.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Andrew... Andrew, come back.

He's right. I am talentless. Oh, how awful to have been found out.

It's not even worth trying to counter than someone who clearly worships Robbie Williams might have something of life-deficit of their own, or even to wonder why, if this blog is so much a waste of Andrew's important and busy schedule he spent three hours typing what he presumably imagines to be a riposte of some wit and insight.

Anger issues? Does he really think it's anger rather than sorrow?

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