Friday, May 18, 2007

T-Mobile cause fans cow at Udderbelly

Trouble at the Udderbelly Festival tent in Brighton (we've been flicking through The Argus, can you tell?). Fans who'd called up the T-Mobile site for tickets to the taping of Channel 4's Transmission with The Gossip and the Scissor Sisters and had been told to turn up didn't realise they were only being invited to hang about outside the tent with an air of disappointment.

One upset reveller told The Argus: "I had a ticket and all these other girls had tickets as well. Everyone was told to get there at 6.30pm, all dressed up for it, only for us to be let down."

We're not entirely sure how far up one must dress to stand in the crowd at an indie gig being taped for late night Channel 4, but even so, there's little worse than the feeling of being closed out of a gig you'd believed you'd got into.

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