Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A welcome in the... oh, no there isn't

Of course, Paul McCartney was only joking when he told Ricky Wilson that "Wales is a Third World country." But he's already had to have a spokesperson stress that it was only a joke. And before the dust settles, he'll probably have to borrow Boris Johnson's sackcloth and have a spell of self-abasement in the Principality.

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Mikey said...

They really are humourless fucks, the Welsh: Every time some celebrity I'm not interested in (take a bow Anne Robinson) makes some offhand remark which might just be interpreted as a diss if you didn't speak English so well and insisted on having all your roadsigns in some trumped up Orc language the Druids go nuts.

Seriously. Welsh people. Let it go. It's not that important.

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